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With the modern Home and Apartment focus on entertaining, Plates are essential.  While traditional dinner sets are still popular, many people choose to buy assorted plates for different occasions.  Rather than using formal dinnerware, having a good stocked cupboard of them is a great idea for casual dining and entertaining.  Alfresco dining, casual and everyday dining plates can save your good formal tableware for when it’s needed. Dinner sizes range from 25cm up to 28cm, the most common size being 26.5cm. Salad and entrée are ideal for a small meal size with sizes between 21cm – 24cm.


How to Choose Plates

Choosing plates boils down to your style, budget and purpose. With careful selection, you can dress up your everyday crockery when entertaining guests.

  • Style: Styles vary with colours, trims and even decorations. The shape of a plate will alter the table setting style with coupe shapes giving a more modern aesthetic.
  • Budget: If your budget is prohibiting you from buying the set of your dreams, then consider buying the pieces plate by plate. Bone china is the most expensive material, whereas porcelain and stoneware prices will vary with brands.
  • Purpose: Today, plates are used for everyday meals and also when entertaining. Selecting a plate that will take you from breakfast to a dinner party will save time and space. Ask yourself how you plan on using your plates, what type of occasions you will be using them for and any special qualities you want them to have. Ask yourself; Are they for long term use, or do you plan on updating as the trends change?
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