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Serviettes Napkins

Serviettes Napkins can suit every table style. They add a touch of glam to any table.  In particular, Linen and Cotton napkins add an element of texture to your table.   Coloured Napkins can tie together with your decor and colour scheme.  They can also compliment a theme such as Christmas.  Coloured napkins can be the unifying element of a colour scheme. Not to mention our large range of My Drap napkins that come on a handy ready to use roll. Regardless of dining casual or formal, Linen and Cotton Napkins are a classy alternative to paper.  Available in a wide range of colours. For a formal table setting Teroforma linen napkins are a popular choice.

Add a dash of colour to your colour or a flourish of texture with cotton or linen table napkins. Napkins will take your table setting to the next level. The simple task of adding napkins to the table will make it look like you have gone to so much effort to set the table for your guests. Choose from plain cotton or linen napkins, coloured napkins and printed napkins. Match the colour scheme or theme for your table.

There are many ways to set the table using napkins, and this will depend on the occasion and if this is a social or formal occasion. For formal entertaining, you may want to use napkin rings and place the napkin on the plates. Here, the napkin ring can replace a place card. Napkins are commonly folded to the left of the place setting.  Place cutlery either on top or beside the napkins.

Regardless of how you set the table, napkins are a practical way of enhancing your setting.

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