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Tea sets

A beautiful tea set makes an occasion out of the everyday afternoon tea ritual. Tea Sets are a necessity for the tea lover, to enjoy a cup of tea with loved one as well as guests. Tea drinking has been part of cultures around the world for centuries. This culture brings people together for conversation and is equally an opportunity to relax. A tea set is more than instruments for drinking tea, it offers an opportunity to unwind and reconnect with others. Choose from formal style tea sets which may have a gold or platinum trim. These are ideal when entertaining guests.


Types of Tea Sets

  • Tea Sets may be small and include only the teapot, sugar bowl and creamer. This allows you to use mugs or alternatively your own teacups
  • Larger sets will also include teacups and saucers
  • Our sets are made from either fine china, porcelain and also bone china.
  • Tea Sets that are decorated with a platinum or gold trim are best for entertaining guests.
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