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The popularity of Teapots is back more than ever. With modern tea blends and Organic Teas, they have returned. Also, lets not forget the famous High Tea. To celebrate Tea or make your Tea Time more special we have Pots that suit every individual taste. Choose from small individual sized pots for tea on your own to large teapots for serving a group of tea lovers. We have a huge range of Colours, Sizes, Shapes that are as individual as you. Stoneware will generally keep your Tea hotter for longer while Bone China Pots will look Elegant and Stylish. Over 100 designs to choose from. The Question is will you need more than one?

Types of Teapots:

To help you choose from our wide variety of teapots, we have showcased the main types of teapots and what they may be used for

  • Formal teapots: These teapots are generally decorated with a gold or platinum trim. Use formal style teapots for serving tea in a meeting room or boardroom, or when entertaining guests in a formal setting. Keep this teapot stored in a china cabinet. The Noritake Hampshire Gold Teapot is an example of a formal teapot
  • Stoneware Teapots – A stoneware teapot will generally keep the temperature of tea hotter for longer. The Denby Regency Green Teapot is great example
  • Individual Teapots – Just need to serve yourself? then search for a small teapot, one with a capacity of no more than 450ml that will accomodate a second person at a stretch
  • Extra Large Teapots – If you are re hydrating a crowd with tea, this is exactly what you need. The Spode Blue Italian Large Teapot has a capacity of 1.1 litres
  • Dainty Teapots – These elegant teapots are generally made from bone china or a fine porcelain. This is a teapot to use when special guests are over for tea. The Wedgwood Butterfly Bloom teapot is a dainty teapot that should be kept on display behind glass when not in use
  • Everyday Teapots – the everyday teapot is the one you pull out every afternoon when you get home from work to share a cuppa with your friend or loved one. If you are going to be seeing it everyday and using it often choose a design you love and cherish. Cornish Blue Teapots make a wonderful everyday teapot
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