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Product Guarantee

Tableking is an Australian owned and operated business offering you a 100% peace of mind purchasing experience. All of our products are genuine from the manufacturer, with a 100% factory first quality guarantee. Unlike other retailers, we never sell seconds.

All products stocked at Tableking come with a full manufacturer product warranty and guarantee.

KitchenAid Appliances Guarantee:

Should a KitchenAid appliance require a warranty repair, we will organise the product to come back to Tableking and handle the warranty with KitchenAid and a subsequent return to customer.



Hand-made items, such as Denby, Burleigh, Spode, Cornishware and selected glassware may have some characteristics which may appear to be a blemish or fault. They may also vary in colour due to hand applied glazing techniques.  Said characteristics are part of the uniqueness attributed to the hand manufacturing process. These characteristics are what makes such brand unique in the Tableware industry and are recognised qualities sought after by collectors. They are not detrimental to the value or integrity of the product in any way

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