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Table Inspiration: Retro Comfort

retro comfort

Ever wondered why Retro design stirs a warm comfort in your soul? The reason is that the designs are solid, they last the distance and the also remind us of simpler times when we didn’t have a care in the world. Perhaps it is even a little more than that, as is reminds us of our grandparents’ era, a time when food was more wholesome, products were made to last and items were repaired rather than thrown out. These were certain times, and products representing that era give us comfort when navigating an uncertain present.

Retro design is clean and uncomplicated. Some call the design ‘pure’. Its a design that will be staying with us for a long time to come. So embrace it, bring some retro comfort to your table. Invest in some lovely tableware whose design is timeless so that your children can also enjoy with their own family. When they need a bit of comfort for their soul, in an uncertain present.

Denby Natural Canvas Textured Teapot

The classic good looks of the Denby Natural Canvas Tableware range is no accident. Denby is renown for their design aesthetics. The Natural Canvas range is grounded in a quiet earthiness, with accessory pieces decorated with a tactile design.

Made from durable stoneware, all pieces are designed to last. Use in the dishwasher, microwave and even in the oven.

seville plum printed tablecloth

This printed Tablecloth from DWBH is decorated in a mish-match of colours and patterns that come together brilliantly. With a vintage feel, this print provides a fun backdrop for your tableware. Made from cotton.

Herdmar TinTim Copper Cutlery Set

Copper has an ever so welcoming glow that brings warmth and comfort to your dining table. The Herdmar TinTim Copper Cutlery set sets the mood for an evening that is all about good food and conversation, that leave tops up your contentment bank and leaves the soul singing.

Chasseur Escoffier Chef Pan

Get a dose of slow cooked goodness served straight from this copper chefs pan by Chasseur. Not only sleek and good looking, this pan works equally well on both the cooktop and also in the oven. Perfect for a Sunday roast, or slowly cooked meals.

Swissmar Roma Walnut Salt Mill

More than any other material, timber brings a warmth to the home. The colour, texture, feel and even the smell grounds us and draws us in, and makes us feel connected. The Swissmar salt and pepper grinders brings this feeling to the table, to be enjoyed with family and guests

Table Inspiration: Retro Comfort

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