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The Best Blue and White Dinner Sets

Without a doubt blue and white are a winning colour combination for your dining. These classic colours are favoured by coastal decors and Hamptons styled homes. One of the reasons blue and white dinner sets are so popular is because that lend themselves to both casual everyday use and also formal entertaining.

In all our years of selling tableware, blue and white dinner sets have always had a strong demand. Below we show you our most popular sets and which we feel are the Best Blue and White Dinner Sets.

It’s important to add that all our dinner sets are covered by an exclusive 2 year chip guarantee. If you chip it, we’ll replace it.

Cornish Blue by T.G Green

It’s not hard to see why Cornish Blue tableware is one of our top sellers. Not only does this feature blue and white stripes, the blue bands are raised; giving this wonderfully tactile finish. The range is inspired by the blue skies and white crest waves of Cornwall, UK and has been in production since 1924.

The Cornish Blue range is wide and highly collectible, giving you a chance to have a piece of the English coast at your table and also your kitchen. Not after a dinner set? these iconic blue and white bands can also be found on serving bowls, garlic keepers, storage jars and more.

Cornish Blue 4 person 20pc dinner set

Denby Imperial Blue Dinnerware

Combining a deep blue glazing along with a crisp white interior proves a winning combination for the Denby brand. Denby Imperial Blue has a very classic shaping, that has become even more popular of late due to a renewed appreciation for simplistic shaping.

This dinner set range is also wide, and includes serving pieces and a very special mug. The Denby Imperial Blue Craftsman Mug, is so uniquely shaped that once you have your eyes set on it, you just have to own it.

Most importantly, this range is especially durable. Made from quality English stoneware, each piece is suitable to be used in the dishwasher, microwave and even in the oven. The deep glaze has been hand applied by skilled artisans, giving further strength to the dinner set pieces.

Denby Imperial Blue dinner set

Spode Blue Italian Dinner Set

Now, for more of a formal look you will certainly appreciate this dinner set range. The Spode Blue Italian is instantly recognisable for it’s regal blue and crisp white colour palette, and intricate design. This range easily fits the brief for entertaining, while it is certainly durable enough for everyday use.

Spode Blue Italian is intricately decorated with an Imari Style border and a scene which depicts the Italian country side. Infact each piece is so beautiful they are often used as display items. It would not be uncommon to see plates used as wall décor pieces. The range is wide and varied, including not only dinner set pieces but also vases, cookware, cutlery and more.

Spode Blue Italian Dinner Plate

Noritake Colorwave Turquoise

If you are after a relaxed dinner set which can be enjoyed day after day then the Noritake Colorwave Turquoise should be high on list. The turquoise blue mixed with the creamy white give a casual coastal vibe. The colours combined with the simple shaping of the coupe plates make this a winner in our eyes.

Again, this set is complimented by a range of accessories including serving bowl, platter and pasta bowls. This additional pieces help create a seamless style across your table.

Here, the durable stoneware construction ensures you can use each piece with confidence in the microwave, dishwasher and even in the oven.

Noritake colorwave turquoise set

Denby Azure and Azure Coast Dinnerware

I have a confession to make, this is range is a personal favourite – and it’s not hard to see why. The Deby Azure dinnerware range includes the Azure Coast accent pieces. Just like the water off a tropical beach, the Azure colour palette features a myriad or deep blues, finished with a glossy glaze. What’s more, no two items are identical, it’s just impossible when the glazing is hand applied.

The blue and white of Denby Azure will have you thinking of holidays by the ocean. Putting the good looks aside, this is a very robust dinner set range. Made from durable English stoneware, Denby Azure can be used in the dishwasher, microwave and also in the oven. Infact this dinner set is covered by Tableking’s exclusive 2 year chip guarantee

Denby Azure Coast Dinner Set 16pc

Burleigh Blue Calico

If any brand can make a beautiful blue and white dinner set range, Burleigh England can. This iconic Calico blue and white floral dinnerware design has a warm cottage appeal.

To this day, Burleigh continues to make each piece in England by hand, using hand transfer for the pattern. Such time laborious tasks they are these days, however the result is breathtaking.

Burleigh Blue Calico 26cm Dinner Plates

Royal Doulton Pacific Dinnerware

The Royal Doulton Pacific dinner set, and its accessories are like a breath of fresh air. This setting has a clean, modern presence which more than likely comes from the ultra white china. The dinner set features cobalt blue concentric circles that are simple yet stylish.

Other pieces within the Pacific range include mugs, serving bowl and trays. These pieces feature different blue patterns including lines, bubbles and streaks.

When entertaining, co-ordinate this dinner set with accent pieces of timber boards and bowls. This brings some earthy texture to the blue and white palette.

Royal Doulton Pacific 32 piece Dinner Set

The Best Blue and White Dinner Sets

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