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What is a Granton Edge Knife?

Typically seen on Santoku knives, the Granton edge is a series of oval dimples along the knife blade. Grantons are also known as dimples, indents, divots, scallops and kullens and alternate down the blade.

A Granton edge on a kitchen knife forms a slight air pocket between the blade and the food when cutting. This helps to reduce friction/drag when slicing and more impressively – to reduce food from sticking to the knife.

This clever feature originated in England, an invention of the Granton Knife company. Once the patents ran out, the oval divots became popular on Santoku knives.

Messermeister Kullens Knife with granton edge

What type of knives have a Granton Edge?

Originally, the indentations were only on slicer knives, helping to reduce the thickness of the knife without compromising the strength of the blade.

Today, the grantons are found on Santoku Knives, Chefs knives, Fillet Knives and slicing knives. These Grantons have become highly popular across all styles of knives, encompassing the Japanese blades, German and of course English Blades.

Should I buy a Granton edge knife?

First and foremost, choose a knife that fits its purpose. Always look for a knife that will provide you with long-lasting use in the kitchen and a blade edge that retains its sharpness.

Consider the Granton edge as a bonus. Yes, it will help with the pesky problem of onions sticking the blade, but unless the knife is practical to use, then it is useless. When looking at knives with alternating divots, choose one where the indents sit close to the blade edge, otherwise, if they are positioned in the middle of the knife blade they only serve a decorative purpose.

Can you sharpen a kitchen knife with Grantons?

A Kitchen Knife with a Granton edge blade can be sharpened at home using either a sharpening stone or pull through knife sharpener. Just like any other kitchen knife (excluding serrated blades) they should be honed between use to ensure correct blade alignment.

Recommended Kitchen Knives with a Granton Edge

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What is a Granton Edge Knife?

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